Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kitchen Challenge 2: Squash it

These fall lovelies caught my eye at the Farmers Market a few weekends ago and inspired the second kitchen challenge.

In honor of fall, I'd like to pose a challenge to you, our readers. (We have at least a few readers out there, right?)

Cook something with squash in it - real squash (not frozen or canned).

Sometime between now and November 22 (Sunday). . .

Option 1: Blog about it
Cook a new squash item. Take a picture of the squash creation. Create a post on your own blog that includes the recipe and the picture. Add a comment on this post linking us back to your creation.

Option 2: Email us about it
Cook something new with squash. Take a picture of it. Email the picture and the recipe to CookEatRepeatChallenge@gmail.com

I'll randomly draw a name from those who participate and send some kitchen-related mail love to a lucky reader.

And, we'll all learn lots of great new ways to use squash.


  1. Oh my. It's a veggie challenge. LOL! Does that sound like a nine year old whining about not wanting to eat veggies? HA! I will see what I can whip up. I need to grow up and eat some other veggie other than corn, peas and green beans.

  2. Awesome! I have a butternut squash here and a recipe bookmarked that I've been wanting to try. This will be perfect, as long as I can remember to take a picture this time.

    Denise, yes, you need to grow up.

  3. I made my recipe with squash tonight and really enjoyed it. I blogged about it: http://i-am-unique.blogspot.com/2009/11/kitchen-challenge.html

    Thanks for the challenge Barb! :)

  4. Hey....I missed the deadline, but did play along and wanted to share what I did: http://creativemayhembyme.blogspot.com/2009/11/ignoring-blog.html